Wr250x Tires

Wr250x Tires

Yamaha WR250X comes with Bridgestone Battlax BT-090. They are good tires and offer a lot of grip. Some rider had about 3,000 miles experience , and the front had a lot of life at this stage. It makes it a worthwhile spare tire.

Refined with the latest Bridgestone technology, this Wr250x Tires is ideal for aggressive driving on the track and on the road. Stiffness results in the belt to feel better in the corners, especially for slip control during the game. The new power connection and the best grip and handling model in dry and wet conditions, good high speed stability and anti-shimmy performance ensure a smooth ride.

• Composite high adhesion for mid-size motorcycles
• Greater stiffness in the side wall of the Angle Handle Increase
• improved cursor to facilitate “line” monitoring
• Better stability at high speeds and anti-shimmy to improve road performance

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