Watch World Magazine

What is Watch World Magazine? is a group that shares a passion about various watches and men’s jewelry (particularly cufflinks) aficionados across the world.

We basically have ordered what we personally think are the top 3 brands of watches and cufflinks on the marketĀ  in order in regards to a mixture of quality, sales and popularity.

Our rankings are based on personal opinions and also on the stats that we found online in regards to these fabulous products.




1) The best brand that comes at the top of the list in regards to value for your money is Timex. Why Timex? Well we think Times has built a very solid brand over the years and the build quality of the watches for the price is truly unmatched.

2) The second one that comes to Mind is Seiko, with a myriad of options — Seiko has fabulous build quality with a respectable price point.

3) For Value and luxury, we think Movado is the best option — simply because of their advanced styling combined with new sport options– this one is tough to beat.




1) For the money, we think cuff-daddy cufflinks ( a superb compromise of both quality and pricing to get you exactly what you need at a reasonable price. They have a ton of models with cheap shipping.

2) If youre looking for luxury high end products, we recommend taking a look at the selection by Tom Ford. Although they are very price, theyve been selected to appear in the bond films so you know that they are pure quality.

3) For luxury cufflinks in the low end price point (under $500) — we recommend you guys to take a look at Jan Leslie cufflinks — they offer high end metals at decent pricing but also with great quality which is always important.


While browsing the web, we also found a pretty cool project found here. Basically its a project named cufflinks that talks about rna-seq samples– pretty random but since we basically like anything related to cufflinks — we thought we would mention it :)